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3D Printing Materials

Production Technology of Polymer Optical Fibers (POFs)

Customer Requirement: Development of High-Thermal-Stability Polymer Optical Fibers (POFs) for Sensors and In-vehicle Communications



  • Adaptation of the 3D printing technology for POF production

  • New POFs should have low attenuation

  • High thermal stability (<150 C)

  • Flexibility

  • Easy production method

  • Commercial raw materials

  • Variety of mechanical properties



  • Light Polymerization Spinning (LPS) process was developed

  • Pilot fiber-production machine was constructed


Solution: TecSolut successfully developed both the process for Light Polymerization Spinning and the fiber-production machine, enabling the manufacture of POFs with a variety of mechanical and thermal properties.

UV Curable Inks for 3D Printing

Customer Requirement: Assistance in the development of UV inks for proprietary 3D printers for dental applications



  • Polymer made from inks should be very soft (gel-like)  

  • Should be suitable for a stereolithographic 3D printer

  • All safety standards required for dental devices must be adhered to



  • Different inks formulations were developed

  • Inks were optimized for different UV light sources (LEDs, Lamps and Lasers)


Solution:  Meeting all of the challenges, TecSolut developed the UV-curable inks with the required mechanical properties for the client and it was commercialized.

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