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Core Capabilities

TecSolut’s core capabilities and key fields of innovation focus on the development of new products, processes, coatings, materials and capability enhancements in the following areas:​

  • Materials used for hygiene products (e.g., nonwoven fabrics)

  • Processing of polymers: thermoplastic & thermosetting

  • Polymer materials for 3D printing (including composites)

  • Continuous (flow) chemical reaction processes

  • Continuous emulsion and suspension production processes

  • Materials surface modifications (hydrophilic, hydrophobic, primers)

  • Recycled polymers and their usage

In addition to New Product Development (NPD) projects, TecSolut performs the following services for its customers:

  1. Proof-of-Concept (PoC) – Feasibility studies for customers’ new ideas

  2. Analytical Services – Product, process and component testing using TecSolut’s wide range of analytical and characterization equipment

  3. Scale-up Projects – Lab-scale product prototype and scale-up

  4. Pilot Trials – Small-scale production of specialized products (coatings, etc…) using roll-to-roll machines and other semi-industrial equipment

  5. Formulations development and Small scale production – Especially for UV curable coatings, such as inks, OPVs, 3D printing inks, etc., and solvent-based coatings

  6. Reverse engineering of competitive products

  7. Innovation Funding – TecSolut has raised millions of US dollars for the development of technological innovations for commercial applications from private investors, VCs and the Israel Innovation Authority

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