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Hygiene Materials

Ultra-dry Adult Diapers


Customer Requirement: A special surface treatment on the diaper’s top sheet to substantially improve urine wicking.



  • Price sensitivity

  • Treatment should be permeant

  • The coating must be applied at high production speed

  • More than 20 additional requirements



  • Different coating chemistries were evaluated

  • Different application methods were tested (spray, kiss-roll, etc.)

  • A pilot machine to simulate the customer’s coating line was built


Solution:  TecSolut developed a proprietary coating and applied it to the top sheet of the adult diapers, substantially improving urine wicking. The solution has been commercialized.

Thin Baby Diapers

Customer Requirement:  A soft, thin Acquisition Distribution Layer (ADL), produced using the customer’s proprietary technology.


  • Price sensitive

  • Should be based on customer technology

  • Should have performance competitive with commercial ADLs

  • More than 20 additional requirements


  • Different existing products of this customer were evaluated as a platform for a new ADL

  • Structure-property model was developed

  • Experiments were performed on a laboratory scale

Solution: TecSolut used its experience in treated nonwoven materials to develop the soft, thin ADL layer, resulting in accelerated diffusion of liquid to the absorbent layer of material, while retaining the thin proportions of the diaper. The solution has been commercialized.

No-leak Baby Diapers

Customer Requirement: Surface treatment of the diaper’s leak guards to prevent urine leakage.



  • Price sensitive

  • Treatment should be resistant to surfactant migration from top-sheet

  • Special touch properties

  • Should work at high production speed

  • More than 20 additional requirements



  • Suitable coating materials were selected

  • Hot-spray was selected as a suitable method

  • Scale up was performed on the customer’s pilot line

Solution: TecSolut developed a successful solution and the customer is using it commercially. The customer is also considering introduction of this coating on some of its other product lines.

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