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Dr. Oleg Palchik, Founder and CEO of TecSolut, engages in challenges related to products, processes and problems with polymers and plastics, UV curing, advanced materials and chemistry. An inventor and entrepreneur, he established TecSolut in 2008 to focus on these key interests.


Through TecSolut, Dr. Palchik and his team offer their expertise in science, engineering and technology, as well as applying for and conducting government-funded development projects, on an outsourcing basis or as part of collaborations with his customers.


In 2011, he pioneered a Light Polymerization Spinning (LPS) process, for which he raised more than US $7.2 million from investors and the Israel Innovation Authority.


Dr. Palchik holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Bar-Ilan University, Israel and has published more than 50 scientific papers and patents.

Nadav Tal, CTO of TecSolut, has more than 12 years of experience in new product development, R&D project management and new technology innovation in the Plastic, Chemical and Food Industries.


He holds a Master’s Degree in Materials Engineering from Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

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