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TecSolut’s team of engineers, scientists and technologists engage in multiple projects simultaneously under the leadership of Dr. Oleg Palchik.


The following is a sample of recent R&D projects, indicating TecSolut’s diverse activities and innovations. To find more examples, visit Customers.


Recent Projects

  • Antibacterial and antiviral coatings for hygiene and personal protection applications

  • Recyclable hygiene fabrics

  • Nonwoven fabrics for agricultural applications (harvest preservation)

  • Production of nanofiber nonwovens from polypropylene using melt processing for air filtration applications

  • Primers for digital printer retort packaging

  • Innovative materials for digital offset printing

  • Industrial-scale continuous processes for chemical reactions

  • Substitution of toxic solvents for green, environmentally-friendly solvents for chemical processes

  • Filaments for 3D printing of aerospace composites

  • Biodegradable post-harvest preservation packaging for fruits, flowers and vegetables

  • Process for polymer recycling

  • Micro-production process of sesame-based and other plant milks

  • Membranes for water microfiltration applications and nematodes filtration

  • Self-cleaning coating for protective films

  • Reinforcement coating for articles made from expanded polystyrene

  • Masking sacrificial coating for aerospace turbine blade repair

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