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TecSolut Excels at Outsourced and Internal R&D: 

Partners in Innovation

Outsourcing the process of innovation and R&D has proven both effective and economical for corporations in all industries, providing access to the necessary expertise only for the duration of a development project.


TecSolut is an ideal outsourcing partner, due to its track record in providing customers – and its own organization – with the resources needed to problem solve, as well as successful innovations and solutions contributing to customers’ leadership and competitiveness in their respective market niches.


In 2012, TecSolut established a spin-off company based on technology developed for production of thermoset polymer fibers and filaments. The process is based on light polymerization curing of the filaments, offering environmental benefits, as well as the ability to add functional attributes (wicking, conductivity, etc.) to the fibers. TecSolut was able to raise nearly US $7.2 million (c. 25 million shekels) from private investors and Israel’s Innovation Authority to develop this capability.  

Key Advantages


  • Agility and efficiency in multi-disciplinary solutions development

  • In-house expertise, facilities and equipment

  • Partnerships with cutting-edge R&D institutions

  • Professional management, transparency, accountability

  • Outstanding development methodology

  • Extremely rapid learning curve for new challenges

  • International reputation, experience and network

  • Expertise in obtaining government funding for R&D, due to credibility and ROI

Government-sponsored Innovation
A significant portion of TecSolut’s independent and commissioned R&D activities are supported through Israel Innovation Authority funding. With years of experience in submitting successful R&D funding requests and producing new, ground-breaking solutions, the TecSolut team has earned its reputation as a reliable investment, for the IIA, TecSolut customers and international innovation funds and investors.

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