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Technology Transfer

Conductive Transparent Films (Indium Tin Oxide Replacement)


Customer Requirement: Tel Aviv University (TAU) developed a technology to produce transparent conductive coatings based on silver nanowires. TAU wanted technological and commercial assessment of technology and design of coating line.



  • Very basic prototypes

  • Reproducibility issues involve many steps

  • Find relative advantages of Indium Tin Oxide transparent conductive coating



  • Complete technological and commercial analysis of TAU’s technology


Solution: TecSolut successfully analyzed TAU’s conductive coatings

Natural Antibacterial Polymer for Hygiene Applications


Customer Requirement: A research group at an Israeli university developed a unique, natural starch-based polymer with antibacterial properties. They approached TecSolut to perform scale-up for manufacturing of this polymer.



  • Process developed at the university was not scalable

  • Process should be scalable and economic

  • Antibacterial properties of polymer must be retained



  • Different types of starches were evaluated.


Solution: TecSolut developed a multi-kilogram scale-up process and the university licensed the process to an industrial customer.

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