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Functional Coatings

Customer Requirement: Development of spot-removing patches for casual textiles, capable of removing wine, tea and coffee spots.



  • Compact design of patch (credit-card size)

  • Fast, complete removal of spots

  • Does not affect color of textiles

  • Does not affect human skin



  • A large variety of prototypes were developed

  • Different types of wine, tea and coffee were evaluated

  • A few dozen prototypes were made for field tests


Solution: The spot-removing patch, developed by TecSolut and meeting all customer requirements, was commercialized by the customer.

Spot-removing (Cleaning) Patches

Self-cleaning Coating for Plastic Surfaces

Customer Requirement: A special surface treatment capable of converting a plastic surface into a self-cleaning surface.



  • Based on commercial materials

  • Abrasive resistant

  • Price competitive



  • Various chemistries were evaluated to get such coating

  • Numerous prototypes were prepared for customer’s evaluation

  • Coating process was evaluated, including building of a prototype machine


Solution: TecSolut developed formulations for self-cleaning coating for plastic films

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