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A growing customer segment includes government and military projects, conducted in partnership with authorized vendors in various countries. TecSolut offers valuable R&D expertise and rapid service at affordable rates, helping vendors provide world-class solutions on-time and on-budget.


TecSolut’s remaining customers include Universities, with which the company has partnership agreements and start-up companies in need of assistance in overcoming obstacles to their own innovation projects.

TecSolut’s customer base is comprised primarily of large and mid-size manufacturers, many of which are global leaders in their sectors with exclusive patents developed in cooperation with TecSolut. Some of these leaders produce innovations that are incorporated into widely-known global brands. Although TecSolut’s name is unfamiliar to the end-customer, its reputation is widely known within the industry. 

Hygiene products



Packaging and Plastic

Printing and 3D

Food Processing

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