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Food Processing

UV Sterilization Process for Juices and Beverages


Customer Requirement: Improved efficiency of a unique UV-sterilization system (non-thermal sterilization) for application in the field of juices and beverages.



  • Very strict requirements regarding UV emission spectra

  • UV light should penetrate all parts of sterilization system



  • Optimized array of UV lamps

  • Reduced ozone gas emission by proper lamp selection

  • Performed spectral quality control (for UV-A, B and C) for lamps from various suppliers.


Solution: Due to TecSolut’s optimal design of the system, the number of UV lamps was reduced by 40% and Ozone emission was eliminated. The customer has commercialized the UV system developed by TecSolut.

Micro-Production of Sesame Milk


TecSolut Requirement: As highly nutritious sesame seeds are grown in areas of the world with the greatest problems of hunger and malnutrition, TecSolut is developing micro-processing plants for the local manufacture of Sesame Milk in these areas and where needed globally.



  • Simplifying mechanical production, to reduce or eliminate training, maintenance and support

  • Ensuring the flavor of the final product is generally appealing

  • Developing relationships with stakeholders



  • Developed a production facility no larger than the size of a small shipping container for local production

  • Evaluating sesame seeds from major growers to assess quality and taste


Solution: TecSolut is currently evaluating varieties of sesame and establishing both funding and business partners to cooperate in commercializing this Social Impact Venture.

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