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Post-Harvest Preservation

“To our customers, our expertise is problem solving…

  to their customers, it’s Innovation.”

- Dr. Oleg Palchik; Founder, CEO and Chief Innovator, TecSolut

Companies serious about finding the best solution for new product development (NPD) or innovations in the areas of polymers, plastics, coatings, chemicals or fibers call TecSolut.


TecSolut  is an innovation originator or trailblazer or wellspring comprised of a SWAT team of Chemists, Engineers and Entrepreneurs who have an appetite for addressing ambitious challenges in their areas of expertise.


Established in 2008 by Dr. Oleg Palchik, the company has its own chemical and plastics laboratories, and a variety of lab-scale and pilot-scale production equipment on which it has performed more than 70 NPD and R&D projects, at all stages of the Innovation Chain. Tecsolut’s sweet spot is in the Technology Development phase, leaning toward commercialization.


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